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Holley's Hollow


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My pain is really my friend
It reminds me to readjust.
It reminds me to be upright
To find my sit bones,
And move from my center.
It reminds me to listen
To my breathing, my feelings
To pay closer attention.

My pain is my friend,
It warns me of danger,
It makes me slow down,
And modify my behavior.
I have lived a rich life. 

I have lived it so fully.
I have made some mistakes.
I have hurt myself.
I forgive myself.
I am also willing to forgive
Those who hurt me.
I think that I have done so,
Then The pain takes me deeper.
And I have to let go. Again.

This is a good thing.
This is compassion.
I thank all the world
For being my teacher.
And I thank all my teachers 
For being in the world.



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