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Melonie is a friend who was once in my sisters Kindergarten Class,  She is now a young lady (13 years old) who is writing her own book.  Here is a little of what she wrote receintly:
Peace Songs by Melonie Aviņa                                  
August 2003   Age 13

hi here r sum songs i wrote about peace and war. luv u bye. Melonie

"I Am Not Proud!"

(Chorus)    I am not proud
Of what has become of dis world!
I am not proud
Of our country!
I am not proud
Of how we are all treated and judged!
I am not proud
Of how the Natives have been treated!
I am not proud!

Verse 1 I am not proud of what has become of our country
Especially how da president's greatest ambition
Is to always start a war
Not peace, u c
This is really angering me
War is not a tradition
Nor a solution and it doesn't take us far
I am not proud of how the land of the Natives
Was taken away
This is not how things should be, too bad it is
Just lookin' at the bay
I get angry or disgusted at the ways of this country
I'm living everyday
1 step at a time
But I am not proud! (Chorus)

Verse 2 Don't know what 2 do
Can't believe how mother earth is being treated
And father sky is being abused and polluted
If only I knew
A way 2 keep our earth healthy and give our mother
The respect she needs (Chorus0

Verse 3 I am not proud of how life is so hard
But it is
Just have 2 except the way sum things
Have got 2 be

"We are the proud and the free . . ."

What the hell is that suppose 2 mean?
We r the proud?
Proud of what?
Always having wars
And saving the people
And living in peace?
That is so hard 2 believe
U call this country free?
Where's the freedom?
I c no freedom happenin' in this country! (Chorus)

Verse 4 I can't believe how the people r treated in this country!
No 1 wud hire my dad and they wudn't give him a chance
He was a Mexican and a Native
All he did was try harder until he finally found 1 who excepted him
The best father I have and he always did what he cud
2 support his family
And make sure there was food in the house
And I had clothes 2 wear and everything ready 4 skool
It reminds me of how every1 in the world
Who care about their families so much
Never give up like my father and step mother (Chorus)

Verse 5 But I am not proud of how people feel sorry for me
Just becuz I'm in a wheelchair
It's not fare
That I can't be treated just like them at sum things

"U're going out with that crippled girl?"

And it's not rite 2 call me crippled
That's not my name or my nickname
Don't judge me or others by what they look like
Nor call me nething until u get 2 know me 1st! (Chorus 3x's)

No War Pleaz!

Verse 1 Why bring war?
What's ur reason?
What do u gotta do that for?
Bring peace to dis world
Not war
If u want 2 have peace with other countries
Ya not gonna get it, u c
If the solution to our problems is war
That's not gonna get u newhere out the door
Of problems and misundastandin's (Chorus)

(Chorus)    Don't bring war to dis world!
What's it gonna solve?
Do you realize who's watchin'
Up above?
War, W - A - R
All we ask for
Is: "No war pleaz!"

Verse 2 Look! What does the children hear or see?
Killings of millions of innoccents
Sumthing every1 can reminsce
What did they do to deserve to c the madness
Between two people or countries
Who cannot solve a problem peacefully and let it be
Look! What does mother nature and father see?
A once beautiful world in harmony
Being replaced by sorrow and a mess
Give peace back to the world
Then c smiles unfurl (Chorus)

Verse 3 May I ask u sumthin' Mista President?
Why is ya mind on war all the time?
Don't u realize what u've sent?
The word peace doesn't cost a dime
A subject that u cannot stop talkin' about
It's not the key to open a locked door (Chorus)

Verse 4 Did you know war is not always the solution?
There are so many other ways 2 solve it,
Too many to count, but I don't like war 1 little bit
Who does, right?
Did you know war is not a pretty sight?
Set up a new derversion
In ya head
Pleaz, just think of peace not after war and what it could do
Reminsce these words
And think about it:

"Thou shall not kill . . ." (Chorus out)


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