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I have been  a home birth midwife for over 28 years.  I believe that women should have reproductive and birth rights.  I support women to give birth in their setting of choice and with the support team they want present.  As a midwife it is my duty to help a woman give birth the way she wants at the same time keeping it safe for her and her baby.  I have participated in creating standards of practice for California midwives and on a national level.
I also worked as a Labor and Delivery Nurse and Charge Nurse for  L and D, High Risk Antepartum  and Postpartum units.  I was then  Charge Nurse at a large HMO womens clinic in San Francisco, California.
Now, thank my stars, I am taking a break!  I am on sabbatical and hope to teach nurses and midwives at some point here in SW Florida. 
California Association of Midwives
Midwives Alliance of North America (MANA) 
Midwifery Today
Online Birth Center
Pathways To Midwifery (a resource for aspiring midwives)

Link to The Farm Midwives

One of the first midwives I ever met in my life was Ina May Gaskin, co-founder of the Farm in Tennessee.  She was on her caravan to Tennessee where she and her husband Steven founded the one of the largest and longest lasting intentional communities in the world.  When I met her again in 1974, I had just delivered my own son at home using her book, Spiritual Midwifery, as my guide.  She encouraged me to study midwifery after I had attended two birthings on our own commune in New Mexico.  Ina May is considered the Mother of the Midwifery Movement in the US in the 1960s and 1970s.   Here is her website.

Ina May and Me
Spring 2003, Summertown, Tennessee

The Midwifery Model

....Looking for midwives in SW Florida