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Welcome to Holley's Hollow!  

This is my personal  website for storing and sharing my writing, my mother's art work, my photos, genealogy, midwifery, activism and blog page.   I have lived a rich and exciting life and am currently writing my memiors.   This website is a beginning of organizing information for this book.  I hope you enjoy these pages. 

Be sure to visit my weblog pages ("Holleyblogs") where there is always something new.  Please read in Holleyblogs about what happened to me and others at the FTAA demonstrations in Miami last November.

- Holley Rauen



Holley Hollow
Painting by Marilu Holley Rauen

Holley Hollow was an actual place I often visited in my childhood.  My grandparents, J. Paul and Mary Holley built a cabin at Big Bear Lake California in the 1930s and named it Holley Hollow.  I have many fond memories of this little mountain abode; many happy Summertimes there with my grandparents as well as Winters skiing with my parents, brothers and sisters.  Now I call my home in cyberspace Holley's Hollow, in loving memory of my grandparents Paul and Mary Holley.

  2003 Holley Rauen