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Holley's Hollow
Mellinenium War


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-written November 2001

On 9/11 everything changed.
The wake up call came
To a threat that hides among us.
Blowback, I say
To our Intervention in the Middle East.

The media manufactured
Consent to the Police state
As the visual horror repeated and played
And we wrapped our grief in an American Flag.

Then WE let the war machine spring into place
And begin a campaign
That will bring hell down upon us.

We pound Afghanistan and starve the Iraqis,
And they poison our people.
This is just the beginning.
Goddess help us all!

They all claim they serve the One God.
How can this be so?
What God would kill
The innocent heroes of New York City?
Not the Allah I know.

They are evil
And among us.
Goddess help us all!

They would all kill me.
The Bushs included.
Fundamentalists are dangerous
No matter what religion they claim.
Religious people, they say,
With their partners in Saudi Arabia.
They would kill me for being gay,
For being a witch, an abortionist.
Yet I am America the free.


And I fear for our freedom,
Of the terrorists winning
By having our own g
overnment oppress us,

We the people.
Goddess help us all!

The wake up call came
To look at our lifestyles,
To change our priorities,
To find a new way
To find an alternative to Blood for oil
To find a new way
To keep freedom for all.

The soul of America puts out her clear call
For us to find another way
Goddess help us all!

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