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My Rauen Great Grandparents
Bernard Rauen, Caroline Maurus and Family Circa 1910

I am an beginner genealogist.  Researching my family tree has become my passion.     Below is a short version of a very long family story.  For more information visit my genealogy websites at and Myfamily .com.   One is a member only family site.  If you would like to see these sites and have trouble logging onto them please contact me at
My Genealogy websites:
Myfamily private sites at for Rauen and Holley families
Ancestry Website at
I am activly researching the Rauen, Earley, Bradley, Barrett, Maurus, Holley, Walker, Kirkpatrick, Clinton, Skipwith, Maddery, Gordon,Boone and Wilcoxin families.  To see my tree and pedigree click on the links below.


John Rauen was the son of Johann Rauen and Maria Ney of Rommelfangan, Germany. He was our great great grandfather, In 1847, John and his wife Mary Keifer, left the family farm in Germany and came to America. They settled in a small German farming town in Minnesota. John and Maria's son, our great grandfather, Bernhard was born in Laketown, Minnesota in 1856. Bernhard married Caroline Maurus, whose parents also were born in Germany. They had six children. Two died in infancy. Four strong boys survived; our grandfather John Bernard, Frank, Edwin, and Raymond Rauen. One of Johann Rauen's other son, Jacob, stayed in Germany and passed the farm to his oldest daughter Maria. Maria's descendants till live in the farm built in 1800. Johann Rauen's three other sons; William, Mathias and Nicolas immigrated to the Chicago area about 1860. There are now hundreds of Rauen's in the Chicago area. Our grandfather and grandmother, Agnes and John Rauen went to the Rauen farm in Rommelfangan in the 60s. Grandpas account is included in the text in these pages. Our cousin once removed, Gene Rauen also went there and his hand written account with photos is included in this book.

Our grandmother Agnes Earley was born in Logansport, Indiana in 1893. Her father, George Earley and Mother, Maggie (Margaret) Bradley was also born in Indiana according to family records and the 1900 Cass County census. The 1900 census in Indiana says that George Earley's mother was born in Scotland and his father was born in Ireland. This is all I know, so far, about the Earley line. Maggie Bradley's father, Michael Bradley, emigrated from Londonderry, Ireland to New York in 1849 and was naturalized in 1854 in Indiana. Mom gave me a copy of his naturalization a long time ago. Both of Maggie Bradley's parents were born in Ireland according the 1900 census. I believe that her maiden name was Ronan. Our great aunt Alice Earley's scrapbook shows pictures of her mother's (Maggie Bradley's) uncles Dan, Pat and Tom Barrett and her "Grandma Barrett." Maggie Bradley's death record says her mother's maiden name is Ronan. I found a record of a Margaret Roanan's marriage to Michael Bradley in Cass County Indiana. I think Barrett may be Margaret Ronan'(Raonan)s mother's maiden name. I am now researching these ancestors' names in earnest and hope to go to Ireland soon to find out more.

On our Mom's side: The Holley clan was from Scotland according to PopPop, our grandfather John Paul Holley. His Father John Allen Holley was born in Arkansas. He was married to Sophonia Ella Skipwith, who was born in Dyers County, Tennessee. Her parents were French immigrants who came to Tennessee and then moved to Paris Texas. She was called 'Nanny Holley" in her older years.

Our great grandfather Thomas Shelby Walker came to Long Beach from San Saba, Texas. The Walker side of the family was well documented by Gammo, our grandmother, and was also researched by the Boyd, Ewing, and Ballard Families. I discovered that our 5th great grandfather, Abraham Boyd fought in the Revolutionary War; and crossed the mountains into Tennessee with Andrew Jackson. His father James Boyd fought in the Revolutionary War for Independence in South Carolina. I also found out that we are related to Daniel Boone, the famous frontier explorer. Daniel's sister, Sarah Cassandra Boone, was our 6th great grandmother. She married John Wilcoxen in Kentucky. An Indian killed John in front of his log cabin near Bryans Station, Lexington, Kentucky in 1782. When John was killed, his wife, Sarah, shot the Indian from his horse, killing him. Their daughter, Mary Wilcoxin married Renelder Walker our 5th great great grandfather who went from Kentucky to Missouri. The Walker family were pioneers who made their way to Texas from Missouri and before that from Kentucky, Virginia, North Carolina and Maryland over many generations. The earliest Walker ancestor I could find was Nathianel Walker born in 1642 in Prince George Maryland.

I also found a document that Gammo submitted to belong to "Children of the Confederacy". The application stated that she is the grand niece of David H.Clinton who fought in the Civil War and surrendered at Shreveport LA on June 5 1865. I found out that this great uncle later came to Los Angeles and started the Cliftons restaurants and hotels in Los Angeles and San Francisco. These Distant Clinton relatives still own and operate these establishments here. The reverse page of the Confederate document said: "The petitioner is also the daughter of Virdie L. K. (Kirkpatrick) Walker who is the niece of James Allen Kirkparick who belonged to Captain BB Augistinos Co "H" 7th Regit T. C. Sibleys Old Brigade, and was discharged on April 9th 1865 at Appomattox."

I don't know yet where the Kirkpatricks emigrated from, but our Great Grandmother Virdie Lou Kirkpatrick was born in Augusta, TX and married in Cherokee, Texas, where our great -grandfather Thomas Shelby Walker was born. We all remember being told that we are part Cherokee Indian, but do not have any information confirming that at this point. Virdie Lou Kirkpatrick's (Mamauu) mother's name was Mary Butts. I have not found any records yet to guide me to whom Mary was.

There is so much more to learn. I will continue to research our family by traveling along our ancestor's footpaths across the United States in this next year. I plan to go to our family farm in Germany and go in search of our ancestors in Scotland and Ireland as well. It has been a fascinating project and enlightening to learn about our family roots. Immigrants, rebels, pioneers, farmers, adventurers, slave owners, Indian killers, doctors, and carpenters all make up part our legacy. This certainly contributes in some way to who we are today. It is a humbling experience, to be sure, and food for much thought. I look forward to all of your collaboration in this project in the future.


Holley Rauen


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