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I grew up Catholic and loved it!  I loved the rituals when I was a small child.   I built an altar to Mother Mary every May first.  I would cover a small table in my room with my moms lace and linen cloths.  I used her one statue of the virgen (a large Hummel of Mary reading a book to baby Jesus)  and kept her on my little altar for the entire month.  One year, I was a flowergirl in the May Procession at our Catholic Church in Los Angeles.  For the entire month of May I would bring her flowers every day.  I made wreaths of flowers and placed them on her head.    I loved the saints too.  Saint Frances and Saint Joan of Arc were two of my favorites.  I think this devotion to the Mother of All came from lifetimes of seeking her comfort and grace. 
My Irish-American grandmother, Agnes,  was VERY religious and had shrines built into four different rooms in her house.   All had statues of Our Lady. This Grandmother  taught me devotion to the Lady, The virgen and the mother.  
My other Grandmother, my mother's mother, taught me that real spirituality was found in our hearts and in nature.  She told me that her church was found outside with trees, animals and the sky.  She told me that she was part Cherokee and, thank the Goddess,  reassured me that all the other guilt and pope stuff was nonsense.  This was very liberating for me.  I am grateful to have had both influences in my life.  As an adult I have continued to express this spirituality and devotion in different ways.  From, Mystical Christianity  to Wicca , Tibetian Buddhism and Native Americal Shamanism, I have wandered in my search for God, the Goddess and my own purpose here on earth.  This page will contain different expressions of this journey. 

More on being Catholic
Written May, 1999
.. I loved growing up Catholic when I was a little girl.  I intuitively threw out all the Pope's claim to infallability and instead got into singing Gregorian Chants in the Choir (1960s) and being the flower girl in our Daily May Processions where we crowned the Virgin with flowers every day of the month.  When I rejected the dogma part of the religion at about age 11, I began to read the new testament in a new way....heard the message of Jesus to say two simple things....One, to love each other and the other, and Two to love God.  I heard Jesus say that we all have the potential to become Gods...I came to believe that Christ means the light in all of us,  that we all are divine....Then I studied Mysticism with an ancient Russian Mystic. I never, never believed in hell.  But I do understand how that "Fear of God" has been planted very deeply in all of us who were raised in Christian religions.  I was grateful at a young age to at least have a religion that clung to the Ancient Ways...cloaked in the Christian version,  of course, but I always knew it, not sure why,  maybe my sense of fairness,  all important to us Libra's.  I was always getting into trouble with the nuns at school for questioning the catechism dogmas....especially could not accept that if the Pagan babies weren't baptized they would go to Hell.  I just knew God couldn't be unfair like that.  I mostly just loved Mary and paid attention when the Hail Mary prayer said that she was the Mother of God.    That meant that the Mother came first.  I liked that a lot....I think the Goddess protected me somehow from succumbing to the lies at my tender age in the Catholic Church.

I will write more about this