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Holley's Hollow
Invocation of the Goddess


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Invocation of the Goddess

(by Doreen Valiente)


Our lady of the Moon, Enchantments Queen,

And of midnight the potent sorceress,

Oh Goddess from the Darkest Deep of Time,

Diana, Isis, Tanith, Artimis,

Your Power Do we invoke to aid us here!


Your Moon a magick mirror hangs in Space,

Reflecting Mystic Light upon the earth,

And every month Your Threefold Image shines.

Mistress of Magick, Ruler of the Tides

Both seen and unseen; spinner of the threads

Of birth and death and fate;


O ancient One,

Nearest to us of Heavens lights,

Upon whose shoulders nature is exalted,

Vast and shadowy, to farthest realms unknown,

Your Power do we invoke to aid us here!


Oh Goddess of the Silver Light, That shines

In magick rays throug deepest woodland glade,

And over sacred and enchanted hills

At still midnight, when witches cast their spells,

When spirits walk and strange things are abroad

By the dark Cauldron of your inspiration,

Goddess threefold, upon you thrice we call;

Your power we invoke to aid us here!