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Sometimes I'm a maiden running free
Rockin and rollin in fantasy
Gathering the blossoms of coming spring
With the promises of kisses 
My beloved does bring.
Sometimes I'm Mother full and round
Nesting and cooking and tilling the ground
Nurturing babies and giving them life
Celebrating my children.  
I've lived the good life.
Sometimes I am wise, I know I'm the Crone
I see the thread and the seeds we have sown
Watching and healing, transforming with sound
Praise be to the Goddess:
Three in me unbound!


Solstice Sunrise

Morning Star Setting
I remember my Father
And honor him this day
Eastern Sky
Blushes pink roses
Sun upon the water
The river
The gulf
Fruits and seeds are harvested
The sun is withen us!
I give thanks

Summer Blue
Oh Grief my new friend
I never knew
That humans could feel
Such a mighty emotion.
No words can touch
That visceral place
The canyon within us
Which knows no bottom.
I am a deep well
Filling with fire
A slow and cold burn
My mother is gone.
Tears on my pillow
On my sleeve
In my workplace
Come unannounced.
Oh moon you are waning 
Pulling my tear tides
On to that dark place
Where comfort abides.
My friends and my family
Are here for each other
My mother is free now
But I am forlorn.

Oh Mother of Darkness
You cover me gently
And whisper inside me
My Mother is near.
I walk in the wind gales
And see summer fading
Even though 
It has just begun.
And so is our passing
Like clouds that are racing
Across the blue sky 
Before the night falls.
Oh Nature, Great Mother
Please hold me and guide me
And help me find comfort
In nature and  sea.
And let me give solace
To others who need it
For your Priestess and Midwife
I continue to be.
--- Holley Diana
    July 2, 1999

My pain is really my friend
It reminds me to readjust. 
It reminds me to be upright
To find my sit bones,
And move from my center. 
It reminds me to listen
To my breathing, my feelings
To pay closer attention.

My pain is my friend, 
It warns me of danger, 
It makes me slow down, 
And modify my behavior.
I have lived a rich life.  

I have lived it so fully. 
I have made some mistakes. 
I have hurt myself. 
I forgive myself. 
I am also willing to forgive 
Those who hurt me.
I think that I have done so, 
Then The pain takes me deeper.
And I have to let go. Again.

This is a good thing. 
This is compassion.
I thank all the world 
For being my teacher.
And I thank all my teachers  
For being in the world.

Mellinenium War



I stuck the Virgin in the dirt today
She was Moms cracked Madonna
I cut my hand on her china skirt fray
Porcelain, tears and earth her fate.

My mother died, that is whats real
Mother of Eight standing at the gate.

My hand is bleeding and it stings
The garden awaits her ashes
The great One smiles and I feel Her flames
I listen for Her voice and heat flashes.
I hear the wind and the chirp of robins.

And my day, my life my blood flows on,
Realizing Death
In all its starkness
Awaits us all.
While the birds sing and the flowers shimmer
My heart throbs quietly with the deeper pulses of the earth.

Ashes await my sprinkling hand
My mother will rejoin the land
As she hands me over to the Ancient One,
Crone so welcome to me.
Mother you hand me over,
Mother to mother your place in the family tree
I bow.
I am yours, Mother Mom
Mother Crone I become
Closer To your embrace.

-May 8, 1999

Walk in Holly Park

(Written in Bernal Heights, San Francisco)

Today the light so diminished into darkness,

I knew I witnessed Fall gently slipping into Winter

In only a California way

I fell down gently to my knees

An then blossoming from the sixties into such a

knowing, as into the millennium

The Crone rose again

The experirnce so much easier to believe

In this sweet knowledge

I find me here in good company

With my Grandmothers and Great Grandmothers yea

With my Dear Mother my

own Blessed Dead

By all my angles may I rise again here

On this Holy Mound.

amen all aum a ho

Holley Diana

November 14, 1999