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About Me

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Photo by Elizabeth Taggart

I have lived a full and exciting life.  I live with my life partner, Liz, in SW Florida.  I grew up in Los Angeles, California and have seven wonderful siblings.  I moved to Venice Beach when I was 17 years old.  I met my first teachers there and joined a group that studied Mystic Christianity.  These experiences became a spiritual and political foundation for the rest of my life.  I married a Chicano Activist when I was 19 and we became expatriates in Southern Mexico when he burned his draft card. I returned to the states in 1972 and owned a health food store in New Mexico, where I had my son at home. I helped found an intentional community there and then left in 1975 to study midwifery back in California. Since then I have traveled many places and had many meaningful relationships including with my second husband Brian Willson, who lost his legs protesting against arms shipments to the Contras and to El Salvador in 1987. Brian and I separated when I finally faced my sexuality and embraced my preference for women.  I have continued to be an activist for peace,  fair trade and the environment.   In 2003 I was brutaly shot by the police while protesting against the FTAA in Miami.   To read more about my activism check out my blog pages.  I am also working on writing my memoirs, which is an overwhelming project at times. This website helps me to organize my thoughts and life as I attempt to write this book.


I have dedicated my life to the service of humanity through nursing, midwifery, healing and social activism.   I grew up Catholic and early in life began exploring other expressions of spirituality and religion.  From a very young age I recognized that all paths lead to the same center where love reigns supreme.  I intutivly knew that we are all interconnected in a marvelous web of life.  From Buddhism, Christianity, Yoga, and Wicca to The Goddess Tradition, I have sought for and found answers.  I have been initiated in a number of traditions along the way.  I especially love The Reclaiming Tradition which has taught me about magical activism. To read more about the paths I have taken please visit my Earth and Spirit page on my original website.  Just click on the Goddess, Kwan Yin on the left.


I love to read and write poetry and am also working on my book.  I am a Registered Nurse and a Midwife.  I served as a home birth midwife for over 30 years, worked full time as an OB Clinical Coordinator  at a local hospital for a number of years and now, after 2 years of travel have returned to work as a medical case manager for persons with developmental disabilities.  To read more about midwifery, visit my Midwifery Page on my old website by clicking on the statue of Cerridwin at the right.