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Environmental and Peace Education Center (EPEC)

Naples for Peace




national organization for women(now)

off our backs

our bodies ourselves

planned parenthood federation of america

naral pro-choice america

radical cheerleading

feminist majority foundation

march for womens lives

never go back


The Reclaiming Tradition Official Website

Reclaiming Circles:

The Feri Tradition Official Website

Shekhinah Mountainwater, Radical Muse, Faery Bard, Priestess of Aphrodite, a foremother of the Womanspirit Movement, Author of Ariadne's Thread. Her website, Moonspell:

 My First Magic Pages:

The Pagan Cluster:




United for Peace - anti-war protests

School of Americas Watch

Global Exchange

The International Solidarity Movement

The Center for Defense Information

Nonviolent Peace Force

Voice 4 Change

War Resisters League

Nonviolent Action Handbook

Jay's Leftist & Progressive Internet Resources

Indymedia: Independant media center for uncensored coverage of world events. I post photos there from time to time.

American Civil Liberty Union (ACLU)

Amnesty International

International Answer - anti-war protests

My friend and former husband Brian Willson lost his legs protesting against US intervention in Central America.  He and I were co-founders of Nuremberg Actions at the Concord Naval Weapons. An informative web-site with his prolific writing.  Many good links on this site for political action.

My friend Dorothy Granada RN runs a womens clinic in Mulukuku, Nicaragua:

My new Catholic Activist friends in Naples , FL have this web site.  They are connected with Pax Christi USA. John P. & Karen N. Dwyer

WWW.Misleader.Org      Get your daily dose of the misleading statements Bush makes and the truth of what really happens.  Excellent news source. 

My friend Suzanne Taylor, founder of Mighty Companions hosts the latest greatest thinkers, movers and shakers on world events and higher consciousness.

Vote to Impeach Bush.Org This site speaks for it's self

Move On