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Marilu Rauen
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This site is still under construction and new drawings and paintings will be added soon!  So, keep coming back!
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The Life and Art of 

Marilu Holley Rauen

 April 5, 1929-June 1, 1999


This website is a tribute to my Mother, Marilu Holley Rauen and her art.  Marilu was an extraordinary woman.  She raised eight lively children and still managed to draw, paint and create an impressive body of art during all her years of motherhood and childrearing.   She continued to paint for the rest of her life.  These pages contain much of her life works and is still under construction. 

Marilu Rauen and Family 1998

One of Marilu's six daughters, Tricia Rauen Evenson, is a graphic designer.  She published a book of all of our mother's  paintings as a christmas present to us.  Each of my siblings and my father have a copy of this stunning collection.  There are only nine editions.  
Tricia's introduction to that book is included as the Indroduction on this website as well.  Many thanks to her for all the help with the graphics on this site.  This website contains all of the paintings in the collection that Tricia published, Marilu's annual Christmas Cards, her recepies (compiled by her youngest daughter,  Dana Rauen Sapper) and the tribute to her life I gave at her memorial service.  All of my sisters helped with the creation of this memorial website.  It is a gift to our Father Patrick Rauen on his Valentine birthday.  We hope that you enjoy the many works of art displayed on these pages.
Happy Birthday Dad!                                            

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